About me

Simon Puschmann is an award-winning commercial photographer who defies all photo categories. For more than 20 years, he has been creating his own brand of dramatic, unexpected imagery for a prestigious clientele, including Audi, Citroen, BMW, BMW Sauber F1, Mercedes Benz, Doc Martens, FC St. Pauli, Lufthansa, Hamburg City Film Council, Volkswagen, and Mobil One NASCAR Racing and others. Among his honors are bronze and silver medals from the International Aperture Awards, 2008; first place, Altpick Award, Photography Series, 2007 and 2008; and Photography Website of the Year for 2008, by altpick.com.

Simon says:

There is no doubt. I found photography and it found me. It’s as solid a marriage as the one I have with my wife, Susanne. I bought my first medium format camera, a Hasselblad 503CX, in photography school in 1987, then shot only 4x5“ for years and then turned digital with a Contax 645. Now I use a Phase One DF645+ and an Alpa. I like surprising my clients, the audience, even myself. I resist being put into any photo category. Clients know they can expect the unexpected and that I try harder. I invent, love, laugh, work, live, and breathe photography.

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